Microbiological Instruments

Small helpers designed to simplify the daily routine work in the microbiological Lab.
Convenient, ergonomic  and equipped with enhanced safety tools.

Flame Sterilization

Safety enhanced laboratory bunsen burner.

Optimized for use in microbiology laboratories. Connectable to any

kind of gas sources.

Sterilization without flame

Efficient and flameless products to anneal or sterilize your inoculation loops and delicate micro instruments.




 Robert Bunsen



Robert Bunsen was a German scientist who made many dicoveries in the field of organic chemistry and spectroscopy. He is also given credit for conceiving one of the most common sources of laboratory heat used today, the Bunsen Burner. Most heat sources of his time 

(mid1800’s) were smoky and inefficient. Bunsen found that by allowing the gas and air to mix prior to ignition, the resulting flame produced no smoke and very high temperatures (ideal for laboratory applications.)