Petridish filling units

High throuhgput

PetriSwiss PS 900

True walk away solution

  • Ideal for filling 90mm Petri Dishes
  • Up to 1000 dishes/hour automatic filling
  • UV light integrated
  • Adjustable Stacking heiht 1-20 plates
  • Low pulsation by 10-roller pump head
  • Large Diameter double tubings
  • Adjustable speed
  • Singel dosing, optional foot Switch  



Rack system

PetriSwiss PS 200/400

PetriDish Filling Device

  • Ideal for filling 90mm Petri Dishes
  • UV-lamp integrated
  • Low Pulsation by 10-roller pump head
  • Large diameter double tubings
  • Adjustable speed
  • Removable PetriRack for safe & easy transport
  • Easy tu use, clean and calibrate
  • True walk away system


Small batches

PetriSwiss PS 20

You Need small lots?

  • Ideal for filling 90mm and 60mm Petri Dishes
  • UV lamp integrated
  • Low Pulsation by 10-roller double pump head
  • Large diameter double tubings 
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Stacking of 1 - 20 plates
  • Removable rack with handle for easy Transport and exchange
  • Single dosing, optional foot Switch
  • Easy-to-clean and handle

Petri dishes are named after German physician Julius Petri. In the late 1880s Petri developed a set of nesting glass plates that created an ideal environment for growing microorganisms. The deep, flat dish filled with a nutrient-rich gelatin provided a place for growth. The lid protected the sample from contamination and facilitated its viewing under a microscope. 

From 1877 to 1879 he was assigned to the Imperial Health Office (Kaiserliches Gesundheitsamt) in Berlin, where he became an assistant to Robert Koch. On the suggestion of Angelina Hesse, the New York-born wife of another assistant, Walther Hesse, the Koch laboratory began to culture bacteria on agar plates. Petri then invented the standard culture dish, or Petri plate, and further developed the technique of agar culture to purify or clone bacterial colonies derived from single cells. This advance made it possible to rigorously identify the bacteria responsible for diseases