Sample Shake & Mix


  • Accommodates tubes from 0.5 – 50ml
  • Ideal for sample mixing, hybridization, Western, Northern & Southern Blots.
  • Fixed speed at 22rpm or oscillating mode
  • Variable speed control from 10 – 40 rpm 
  • For use from +4°C to +40°C.


Tube rotation device


The BioTool RotoFlex is a compact tube rotator for use with a variety of tubes. 

The RotoFlex will accommodate a variety of tubes  from 1.5 – 50ml by simply changing the rotisserie. No tools are required. The mixing angle can be adjusted from 0-90° and each of the 4 tube panels can be aligned independently. The 360° rotation ensures thorough mixing of all samples at the same time while rotating.

To change the rotation direction – simply touch the rotisserie paddle while in motion and the RotoFlex automatically begins to rotate in the opposite direction.


RotoFlex Plus has the additional feature of digital display, variable speed from 10-40rpm and oscillating mode at 40° rotation, keypad controlled. Optional magnetic platform to optimize Western Blot hybridization avaiable. Simply attach your plastic bag, containing membrane & antibody solution with the metal strips provided.


RotoFlex and RotoFlex Plus can be used in incubators and cold room settings. The unit is supplied complete with base unit and rotisseries (1 pack of each size).

Ideal for

  • Sample mixing / re-suspension 
  • Hybridization
  • DNA Purification
  • Protein binding 
  • Immuno-precipitation


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