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Media preparation and petri dish filling

Tube filling and loop sterilization

ProfiClave PCX


A new space-saving system that simplifies culture media preparation 

and speeds up the process.


Instrument design adapted to laboratory needs, with isolated swing-in pressure cover and easy-to-clean stainless steel surfaces.

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Tube filling rapid and easy


  • Allows free positioning of any rack
  • Intuitive programmable software
  • Integrated peristaltic pump
  • True walk away tube/bottle filling
  • 2100 cm2 free usable surface
  • Accommodates widest range of any rack from 96-shallow well format to tall tubes and bottles up to 25cm

    Made by microbiologists for microbiologists

PetriDish filling device



  • Ideal for filling 90mm Petri Dishes
  • UV-lamp integrated
  • Low pulsation by 10-roller pump head
  • Large diameter double tubings
  • Adjustable speed
  • Removable PetriRack for safe & easy handling


The airflow flame solution

 LabFlame Aero
- Conceptional difference

- flaming with the airflow <> eliminates dancing flames

- 360° operational angle <> for any hood enclosure

- sturdy flame shape <> precise flame sterilization

- no turbulences <> increased safety in BSC cabinets

- flame on demand <> economic gas consumption

Aero offers the possibility to install a fixed and safe flame sterilization station,

always ready for a quick safety hot shot.