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der Sommer zieht ins Land und auch wir machen ein paar Tage Urlaub.
In der Zeit vom bis zum 8.8.2021 haben wir Betriebsferien. 
Ab 9.8.2021 stehen wir mit frischen Kräften wieder zu Ihrer Verfügung.

Ab dem 9.8.2021 ist das Büro wieder besetzt und alle Anfragen an werden beantwortet.

Dear customers and website visitors,


Summertime has finally come and with it, a few vacation days for all of us at BioTool.

In the period from 1.8.2021 to 8.8.2021 BioTool will remain closed due to company vacations.

From 9.8.2021 we will be back at your disposal with refilled energies.


From 9.8.2021 the office will be occupied again and all inquiries to will be answered.

We will not let distance hold us back from providing support that will help sciences to operate.

We asked ourselves what solutions we, BioTool can provide to contribute to the intense COVID-19 researches. 

Biotool Covid contribution
Biotool Covid contribution.pdf
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COVID-19 applications will be fast-tracked

Based on our latest urgent deliveries we like to point out the following: 

Welcome to BioTool Switzerland

Our ethos is through the application of the latest product technologies, a high level of cost consciousness, highly motivated staff, listening to the requirements of the market and customers, as well as a consistent willingness to innovate that we invest in the future.

Tube filling rapid and easy


  • Allows free positioning of any rack
  • Intuitive programmable software
  • Integrated peristaltic pump
  • True walk away tube/bottle filling
  • 2100 cm2 free usable surface
  • Accommodates widest range of any rack from 96-shallow well format to tall tubes and bottles up to 25cm

    Made by microbiologists for microbiologists

PetriDish filling device



  • Ideal for filling 90mm Petri Dishes
  • UV-lamp integrated
  • Low pulsation by 10-roller pump head
  • Large diameter double tubings
  • Adjustable speed
  • Removable PetriRack for safe & easy handling


The airflow flame solution

 LabFlame Aero
- Conceptional difference

- flaming with the airflow <> eliminates dancing flames

- 360° operational angle <> for any hood enclosure

- sturdy flame shape <> precise flame sterilization

- no turbulences <> increased safety in BSC cabinets

- flame on demand <> economic gas consumption

Aero offers the possibility to install a fixed and safe flame sterilization station,

always ready for a quick safety hot shot.