DosiPump DP1000



Smart pump


  • Multipurpose peristaltic pump
  • 2 versions: max. 800 ml/min - 2.4 l/min
  • Stainless steel housing
  • iP64 splash water protected
  • Low pulsation by 10-roller pump head
  • Different diameter double tubings
  • Calibration and storage of 8 tubing
  • Optional foot switch & stage bar
  • Small foot-print takes up less bench space


Leaflet DosiPump DP1000
BT20 Leaflet DP1000 V1.0.pdf
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The unique DosiPump DP1000 is a very precise peristaltic pump with 10-roller double pump head, therefore offering very low pulsation, "made in Switzerland".Icon-driven intuitive software, touch screen, featuring a broad range of possible applications and with a sensational price-performance ratio.


Pump direction, speed, volume, antidrop, pause and cycle repetition are programmable.


Up to 8 calibrated tubing’s can be stored and 16 programs including up to 16 steps can be saved.


Different tube diameters can be used. 









Extrem fast tubing exchange:

The sturdy aluminium mechanism opens the pump head "at the flick of a wrist". Either two individual tubes or one twin tube can be attached to the pump. The ducts in the pump are spring-loaded, so as gentle on the tubing.



  • DP1000 : 10-800 ml/min
  • DP1000_fast: 40-2400 ml/min
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Freely programmable
  • Touch screen
  • Speed, pause and antidrop function
  • Rapid tubing Exchange




Application in Biosafety cabinet 


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