Agar Preparation

ProfiClave PC10/20


3 Modes: liquid media sterilizer, autoclave and water bath

  • 0.5 up to 9/16 liters of agar, in approx 60 - 90 min
  • Stirred and temperature controlled, double cycle
  • Fast cooling (20 min)
  • Water saving
  • Easy vessel access, easy handling
  • Intuitive software on touch screen
  • Stores up to 3 * 20 user-defined programs
  • Data logging printer including SD card


Mespresso Media Preparator

  • Compact
  • Personal
  • Rapid

In the Mespresso autoclave, the thermal energy required for sterilization is supplied directly to the medium. Microwaves are used as the energy source, so that heating of the medium is immediate and uniform.





The working principle of the autoclave is based on the work of the French physicist Denis Papin, who further developed a pressure vessel developed by Robert Hooke in 1679 into a Papin pot (Steam Digester).Papin went to London in 1675 and became an associate of Robert Boyle and 1679 assistant to Robert Hooke. In 1679 he invented cooking under increased vapor pressure. For this he constructed a steam pressure cooking pot, the Papinschen pot, which shattered in the first demonstration before the Royal Society. Only after Papin had invented the safety valve, his saucepan worked safe and received the patent in 1681 in Paris.