PetriSwiss PS 200/400






 PetriDish Filling Device

  • Ideal for filling 90mm Petri Dishes
  • UV-lamp integrated
  • Low pulsation by 10-roller pump head
  • Large diameter double tubings
  • Adjustable speed
  • Removable PetriRack for safe & easy handling
  • Easy to use, clean and calibrate
  • True walk away system.


Leaflet PetriSwiss PS 200/400
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The unique PetriSwiss PS200/400 is a fully automatic and precise Petri Dish filling system, "made in Switzerland", of the most recent generation.


With PS200 unique removable racks there is no waiting time until the agar is solidified in order to un- and reload the carousel. 180 plates true walk-away system with reload at anytime !


The PS400 is a batch system, offering 360 plates capacity, true walk-away system, while plates are filled under UV light.


Its integrated peristaltic unique double-head 10-roller pump head guarantees low pulsation flowrate and gentle media trasport. Large diameter filling tube allows filling at lower temperature, which eventually has a direct effect solidification time.


Due to its piston driven plate processing plates containing an aliquot can be processes and mixed by the wave-movement.


Optional ink-jet printer integration is avaiable (various brands)

The PS400 is a batch system, offering 360 plates capacity, true walk away system, whilw plates are filled under UV light condition.

Petri Rack

Easy handling

PS200 Pump head and filling chamber

PS400 dish loading

  • Rapid filling of 180 plates in ca. 20 min (800 plates/h)
  • Rapid filling of 360 plates in ca. 40 min (650800 plates/h)
  • Color touchscreen, backlighting for perfect read-off, icons
  • buttons integrated quick start/stop/pump
  • Dosing quantities, speed, pause and AntiDrop function
  • 1-99 ml dosing range
  • 3 different separators to meet sizes 89.8 – 94.4 mm
  • Optional second pump connection for blood agar   
  • RS232


Ideal for:

  • Microbiology laboratories
  • research and development
  • chemical industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • hospitals
  • food industry and
  • universities


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