Fast and cost-efficient


  • For anaerobic plate cultivation
  • No chemical bags required
  • Significant cost-savings
  • Very rapid O2 depletion : 2min/jar
  • Flexibility of oxygen level
  • Up to 11 dishes / jar
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The Anaerobic Gas System PetriSphere® consists of a microprocessor-based control device as a unit together with a diaphragm pump, a gas tank connection and flushing gas system which enables the air to be replaced by any gas-mix connected to your anaerobic jar.



The required vacuum, gassing pressure and the number of gassing cycles are pre-fixed settings that can be changed by software on CD. The start key initiates the automatic process. Venting with the reaction, gas follows the evacuation to the connected anaerobic jar (optional available) that is under pressure. The preset number of 3 cycles is automatically repeated.



Quick connectors enable the system to be connected and disconnected from the pressure gas tank in a few steps.



The Anaerobic Gas System PetriSphere® is supplied fully mounted. The flushing gas and the pressure reducer are not part of the scope of delivery.




Rapid replacement of Air to any Gas

Easy to use

Connect to any jar by CPC-coupling

Quick connectors for rapid change

Functional display for perfect read-off


Ideal for

microbiology laboratories

research and development

chemical industry

pharmaceutical industry


food industry, agro

universities, anaerobic research


Multiple simultaneous atmospheres 

within multiple jars

(e.g. nox.18 - the new square jar)


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