Liquid Handling

Pumps & Liquid Handling accessories
The specialists’ choice for contamination free Media dispensing. Peristaltic pumps dedicated for sterile microbiological and cell culture Media filling. Full metal body, no rims no gaps  Advanced designs Innovative and efficiently.

TubeFiller TF3000

Tubefilling - rapid and easy

DosiPump DP1000

Multipurpose peristaltic pump

DosiPump DP500

Fill sample, save, repeat!


Anaerobic Gas System

FlexiRoll Digital Cell Roller

FlexiFuge Centrifuge

RotoFlex Tube Rotator

Omega Pipettor

Designed for the use in CO2 Incubators

Personal micro-centrifuge

For use with a variety of tubes

UV resistant, serological pipettor

E-Vac Aspiration System

Hand E-Vac


Pipette Basins

Secure waste system

A complete set of tools for aspiration

One rack for all tubes

12 channel pipette basins