Personal micro-centrifuge



The BioTool FlexiFuge is a versatile, personal micro-centrifuge for quick, low Speed centrifugation. Whisper quiet Motor offers two speeds (2000g or 5000g / 6,000 or 9,200 RPM) depending on application.


FlexiFuge can be operated in continuous mode, pulsed for a short burst of rapid centrifugation, or timed to spin from 1-15 minutes. Regardless of setting, rotors stop once the lid release button is pushed.





LED lights as optical control illuminates when the unit is active and glow Red, Green or Blue. The color can be changed or turned off by the switch on the bottom of unit.


FlexiFuge is supplied with 3 rotor’s:



One 8-place fixed angle rotor for 1.5ml tubes and 8 adapters for 0.5ml tubes, one rotor for (4) 8 x0.2ml PCR tube strips and one 4-place rotor to spin 5ml micro-centrifuge tubes.




Put a new Spin on Things


  • Very quiet operation
  • LED light for visual operation control
  • Small foot-print takes up less bench space
  • Fast stop when opening
  • All rotors and adapters included
  • Easy rotor Change



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