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DataCount PH-JR Pellets and Tablets counter

DataCount PH-JR quickly and accurately counts pharmaceutical pellets and mini tablets as small as 0.25 mm providing aN innovative tool to drug developers and manufacturers that produces capsules containing pellets.
Capaple of counting small pellets, pharmaceutical developers and manufacterer can now better control pellet production process through both counting and weighing, thus measuring pellets homogeneity in terms of active and non-active material content.

Based on Data's innovative electro optic counting technology, this high-tech table-top counting machine is designed for accuracy, speed and ease for use.


  • Accuracy: 99.5% (depends on size and shape)
  • Counting speed: up to 30'000 pellets per minute
  • Maximum volume: 50 grams of pellets at a time
  • SIze range: 0.25mm - 3mm
  • Bluetooth compatible


  • Accuracy and speed
  • Reliability and consistency
  • Measure ingredients during pellets production
  • Enables control of pellets batch size by number, not only by weight
  • Helps ensuring products consistency thus sonsistent dissolution profile
  • Of particular value for products having narrow therapeutic window